• 1.You are expected to pay school fees at the bank promptly to enable our smooth running.
  • 2. All new children must have reached or will be above three years of age.
  • 3. All children must come with their immunization cards , baptism cards and birth certificates .
  • 4. All children must be able to fairly speak and understand simple instructions.
  • 5. All children must be able to use infant latrines. We shall assist those who are unable due to fear.


Whereas the school is built on Christian values and principle , we accept and respect children from all religious backgrounds. Parents must support the school in the responsibility of ensuring that our children know God as they grow up.


The official language used at school is English . Use of other language stipulated in the curricular will not be encouraged. Parents will be encouraged to some times speak to their children in English at home.


  • 1. All children MUST put on full uniform while at school i.e sports wear on Tuesday and Thursday only , while the uniform is to be worn on Monday , Wednesday and Friday only .
  • 2. The uniforms shall be got from school .
  • 3. The uniforms should be clean , shoes well polished and each child must have a hand kerchief and
  • a school bag.
  • 4. Parents must ensure that their children come to school smart and neat .
  • 5. All children’s uniform should be properly labelled for easy identification .
  • 6. Parents and teachers should take reasonable care of the children’s property to avoid care less loss
  • .


  • 1. All children must observe school time . The official time of arrival is 7:30 a.m and the school closes at 1:00 p.m
  • 2. Any child who reports after 8:15 a.m will not be allowed in the school .
  • 3. All children must respond to the school bells.
  • 4. Parents/ Guardians MUST pick their children by 1:30p.m . Late collection of children shall lead to payment of a fine to cater for the inconveniences caused to the school administration.


  • 1. All children and parents must take studies seriously.
  • 2. All children must complete their class work, home work and other assignments. Home work shall be signed by the parent/ guardian before handing in. This encourages parent participation in their children’s study programme.
  • 3. Any child who fails to attain the minimum standard at the end of the year without a sound reason will be asked to repeat or at most be discontinued.


  • 1. All children must display a certain acceptable standard of discipline . Age will not be an excuse for indiscipline.
  • 2. Bulling, teasing, rough play, foul language, throwing objects around and excessive stubbornness is forbidden.
  • 3. Children should be taught not to spoil, hide or steal other children’s property.
  • 4. School teachers and other support staff shall be respected as parents by all children.